Epileptic Brain



“Hypergraphia: (a passion for writing) is acknowledged to be a product of the epileptic brain, involving intensifications of the feelings that lead anyone to write or draw.  ~ Seized  ~ Eve LaPlante

writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers dreamweavers


Epilepsy is a neurological malfunction,
it is not a mental health dysfunction.
We are missing our ‘emotional ‘link;
It is not, what you have been misled to think.

Stigma, myths and old propaganda abound,
many feel pity, disregard ‘facts’ and misunderstand.
Epilepsy is connected to our creative and artistic traits,
we have positive capabilities, this is not, just about our shakes.
Victoria Healing ~ 27.5.2017
©Epileptic Brain ~ Hey Momma

“The tendency or even compulsion to write excessively, has been apparent in many Temporal Lobe Epilepsy patients we follow, including some of the most well adapted and highly functioning. These patients may take creative writing courses, belong to poetry groups, or write short stories. Some of the work they produce is excessive, ruminative and moralistic. It is the driven nature of the writing, its excessive quantity and the repetitive moralistic and philosophic content that we tend to associate with TLE” ~ Seized: Temporal Lobe Epilepsy as a Medical, Historical, and Artistic Phenomenon.

Epilepsy Support – New Zealand and Australia



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