A New Once Upon a Time

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What  have we learned from generations past?

I’ve noticed that women had always put themselves last.

It’s time, to start a new revolution,

doing what makes us girls happy, is a good solution.


To speak up and not to be silenced by others views

Having self-confidence to play and become your own muse.

Putting up boundaries, making our lines known,

what’s more important than finding our own comfort zone?


Those medieval rules about female roles

were detrimental and should have to go!

I’ve watched my female ancestors lives,

they appeared to wear masks, like the ‘living dead’ in my eyes.


Some people may not like what I say,

especially some men, they were more comfortable that way.

Speaking up and not being silenced by the majority,

we ladies should become “our own authority”.

Victoria Healing ~ 1.3.2017

Hey Momma ~ Another Once Upon a Time 

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“As my Mother had been a 1950’s bride, my father was a 1950’s groom.
He wasn’t all that excited about my Mother’s job, when it all
 came down to it. What she saw as a career, he saw as a hobby. 
She could have her job as long as it didn’t interfere in his life 
and as long as she still took care of everything else at home”. 
~ Elizabeth Gilbert (Committed) ...

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