“open your presence”

Rememberingback to days of old
when I was very young, a naïve little soul

At the time when Santa was due
i’d stare out of my bedroom window
looking up to the stars ~ for a better view

Just to catch a glimpse of his sled or his cart
i always thought i would see him there
a jolly big red happy man ~
with his Reindeer’s for Guards.

Little did i know then, he was just a myth
my parents were the real Santa and Elves bearing gifts!

As i reminisce back to my favourite pressie
a big baby doll ~ who was “cute and quite heavy.

i’d had her for years and treasured her so
she was like my own special best friend
don’t you know?

Many long “lonely” days playing in our concrete back yard
because my parents were busy
working so hard!

I think that was when i understood
life on my own was “okay” ~
i enjoyed my time on my own all day.

I had a furry friend whose name was Tracey
A cute boxer dog ~ i’d dress up as a baby ~

ever so pretty, cute and lacy!

I’d push her around in my little dolls pram
we were all best friends and we’d sit and we sang!
my imagination back then
was the play grounds of the my land

Spent many happy years playing with them,
what more could I want?

But …

Then horror of horrors, misfortune had struck

My baby doll lost her eye, she’d given me such a
funny look!

Her eye ball having fallen right into the back of her head
i was heartbroken ~ thinking  that she was dead.

Mortified i was ~ and my parents knew
that she was my best friend and that
i was feeling so desolate and blue …
this damage couldn’t be fixed with a little glob of glue.

Fortunately for me, they found a hospital for toys

yay, that day, I felt so much joy.

That doll was the most special friend you could ever have
apart from my Mom …
she gave me so much comfort, hugs and lots of love.

Now I’ve grown older ~ astonished at me!
because i’ve also lost the “sight” in my right eye too
would you believe?

Although my eye can never be fixed?
there’s no dolls hospital
which could flick on my eye, switch.

Looking back now, to what fate had handed to me
was that a glimpse to the future and what it might be?

However, I don’t feel sadness or any concern
because my other senses kicked in
to help me to adjust and then learn.

Victoria Healing ~ 20.12.2015
Gifts ~ Hey Momma


baby with bauble

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